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ITRON Meters
METRIS 250 Meter

The METRIS meter is uniquely constructed to give the customers the edge they need in an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace. The end user often uses this meter for sub-metering for relatively small applications like apartment buildings, commercial kitchens, etc.  Rated to a full 250 CFH, the METRIS 250 offers three versions that provide greater flexibility for your metering needs. The unique modular design of the METRIS offers the advantage of complete customization to fit individual installation needs. In addition, due to inventory and manufacturing enhancements provided by modularity, this invaluable flexibility can also be delivered with unparalleled speed and scheduling dependability.

A Series Meter
The A Series diaphragm meter combines accuracy and long life in a compact size. These commercial meters comprise a range of positive displacement gas measurement devices with capacities of 400 to1000 CFH and are ideally suited for light and higher capacity commercial metering requirements such as dry cleaners, restaurants, schools, hospitals and hotels. The 400A, 675A, 800A, & 1000A meters retrofit to any meter set within its capacity range.  The 400A meter is shown to the right.

Delta Compact - 2M Meter
The Delta Compact - 2M  Rotary gas meter combines accuracy, durability, metrological stability and mounting versatility in one field-proven measurement instrument. A positive displacement style gas meter, the Delta Compact is as the name implies - compact and robust enough to handle many gas measurement applications. The Delta meter comes standard with two pulse outputs.