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MAXITROL Regulators
Maxitrol® 325 Series L-models are A.G.A./CGA certified (Z21.80/CAN 6.22) for 2-psi or 5-psi inlet, commonly used with CSST or semi-rigid copper tubing. The new Z21.80 standard requires the use of an over-pressure protection device (OPD) for supply pressures above 2-psi, tested and approved with the regulator. Maxitrol-built OPDs provide the required downstream over-pressure protection.

Optional automatic vent limiting devices eliminate the need to run vent piping from the regulator to a safe area. In the event of a diaphragm rupture, gas escapement is limited to within ANSI standards. Our manual ball valves are certified as well. All 325 regulators are proudly made in the USA.
Model Rated Inlet Pressure Certified To
325-3, 325-5A, 325-7

2psi, 5psi, certified
10psi (non-certified)

ANSI 21.18, EN88
Appliance Regulator Standard
325-3L, 325-5AL, 325-7L 2psi ANSI 21.80
Line Regulator Standard
325-3L47, 325-3L48,
325-5AL-48, 325-5L600

(with over protection device attached)
2 psi (LP)
ANSI 21.80
Line Regulator Standard
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